Life is Happening Now

We’ve all heard the phrase “good things come to those who wait,” right? There was a time in my life when I very much believed that to be true, and that’s all fine and dandy until you find yourself stagnant, anticipating something to materialize or change your future on it’s own accord. So you know what I say to the patience seekers, awaiting the next big thing? Screw the wait, if you want something good to come your way, go out and get it.


I wont dive into too many details of how I came to this conclusion; it’s been a process both mentally and physically to arrive here, probably more extensive than necessary but hey, I’m stubborn. I have had some help along the way, whether intentionally or not, from people who have pushed me forward or those who have almost succeeded in holding me back. Lingering to see who will be who is one of the biggest lessons I have learned from life thus far. Wait for no one.
Feeling dependent on others is something I very much shy away from, and delaying for anything brings that dependency on. I have realized more and more of late that we are all guilty of missing things, opportunities, events, people, etc. that could have been incredible assets to our lives. And why did we neglect to see them? We were blind, waiting for the next best thing, ignoring what’s right there in front of us.

The moment will never be just right, there is no such thing as perfect timing. Sometimes you have to dare, be brave, and just do it because life is far too short to wonder what might have been. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create one. Whether we are talking about relationships, careers, finances or anything of the like, it is up to you to determine your future. Yes, there will always be outside influences to factor in, but waiting for things to get easier, simpler or better is retroactive. Life will always be complicated, but that unpredictability is the beauty of it, it’s how we define ourselves through actions and reactions.

Life is erratic, it can change as quickly as the weather, and what do we do when the weather changes? We dress accordingly, we don’t waste time wishing for better weather to return when we know it will eventually. So what do you do when life changes suddenly? You keep living.

There is nothing wrong with being hard to define, acting on impulse. Spontaneity is an aspect of life that does not coincide with waiting but instead doing. So don’t pause, don’t be put on hold, don’t wait to see what will happen in an hour, a day or a year. See what happens now when you just do. Never allow waiting to become a habit or comfort zone. Live your dreams and take those risks. Life is happening now.



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