Never More Together

Angst thrives on uncertainty and the brain is an anxious organ. In it’s desperate attempt to navigate some certainty, it fills with unease and theatrical play outs of worst-case scenarios based on feeble information. While we are all on high alert to the imminent dangers our minds advance on us, as well as those lurking…


never hesitate to hit the pause button. sometimes it’s the only way…


We grow with the seasons….

practice and a skill

It all begins and ends in your mind. It’s not what or who you are that holds you back….


There is a deeper purpose. With days like today. If someone ignites that much feeling in you, let them…


Take a breath and retreat to your comfort zone. Sink deep into this pillows and curl up in all the blankets…


  Been playing with InDesign and Photoshop again. So fun to use my own images in my designs! Need practice. Want one? Send me a pic!