never hesitate to hit the pause button. sometimes it’s the only way…


We grow with the seasons….

practice and a skill

It all begins and ends in your mind. It’s not what or who you are that holds you back….

Young Minds Overflow

I wish I wrote the way I thought;  Obsessively, Incessantly,  With maddening hunger.  I’d write myself a new beginning, And dictate how the story unfolds.  Then maybe, just maybe,  My mind would stop advancing on me; It’s heavy, you see… Surging with thoughts,  That have yet to meet paper.  Ideas and occurrences,  That may never…

This One’s for the Ladies- Empowerment Starts with One Another

Call me crazy, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing people happy and succeeding. Just doing their thing, whatever that may be. Life is meant to be a journey, not a competition. So SHOUT OUT to the girls who smile at other girls, the ones who compliment one another, the girls who aren’t always judging or trying…