Be a Fountain, Not a Drain

I believe in the person I am becoming. We rise by lifting others, and I am learning to lift myself along the way. Staying positive is not always easy to do, but drowning in negativity is the easy way out, and I don’t want a way out of anything. Worrying won’t stop bad things from happening, but it will prevent you from enjoying the good. So stay focused on what lifts you up and don’t dwell on the things that can bring you down. Overcome.



Build your outlook. Center it around optimism.

Although its easier said than done, work on remaining constructive through all situations, even the difficult ones. Have power over your circumstances by always seeking out the opportunity within. Ask yourself the right questions. Don’t zone in on “why do I suck so much? Why did this happen to me?” but instead “What can I learn from this? Where can the positive breakthrough be found here?” Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break that negative habit. Instead talk about your joys, your loves and your dreams.


Don’t be held back.

Positive people also have negative thoughts; they just don’t let them take control. Don’t be held back by negative thoughts or vague fears.  Toss self-doubt. You would rather find yourself in a situation saying “oh well,” rather than “what if.” Don’t allow judgment or lack of confidence to dictate what you are willing to chase. Choose optimism, don’t stand in your own way, or let anyone else inhibit you from conquering your fears, goals and everything in between. You always have the choice to be happy. Learn to understand the bumps in the road, grow from them.


Cultivate your environment.

The people, places and external influences you allow into your life will impact your everyday. “You are a product of your environment” has to be one of the most accurate phrases out there. So create an environment that produces you a favorable product. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you in your endeavors. Find uplifting influences to help you retain your optimistic outlook. Trim your friend group, be calculated about the people you are embracing in your life. “Stop hanging around people who don’t want to win,” said by Gary Vee; something to practice.

Your environment expands further than just the people you associate with. It extends into the outside influences you allow to to reach your life, i.e. social media. Be aware of the content you are feeding yourself, be sure it has the right impact and message for you. Recognize the troubling matter, whatever has a negative connotation to you, and avoid it. We are so consumed by social media as a society, and since we put so much weight into watching others and promoting ourselves, make sure you can remain positive about it. Let your sharing and interaction come with good intention, social media shouldn’t be a pissing contest, but sadly in many ways it is. Focus on finding and sharing positivity through social media, what you put out will come back to you.


Be someone’s light.

meraki8.28-37 2Bring joy to someone else’s life, and it will bring joy to yours. If you can be a positive influence for someone else, it will radiate through you, and only enlighten your life as well. Remaining positive for others can sometimes be easier than doing it for yourself, so start here, and let it bleed into every aspect of your life thereafter.

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  1. Sarah you are mature beyond your years. Your piece holds so much truth. It’s very thought-provoking and inspiring- thank you!

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